Three Basic Rules Of Firearms Safety

1. Treat each firearm as if it is loaded.
2. Always control the muzzle of your firearm.
3. Be sure of your target and what is beyond.


Our course is a basic introduction in the proper handling of firearms and understanding of hunting etiquette and hunting laws.  Parents are encouraged to continue their child’s development of the safe and responsible skills, knowledge, and attitudes discussed and taught in this course.

Mound Class-2017
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Classes will begin on July 19th and continue every Wednesday evening, 6:30-9:15 through August 23th.  Range Test is on Saturday, August 19th. More information will be provided in response to the pre-registration information.  Please be sure to allow e-mails from: fasafety@yahoo.com

As always, each class will be concentrating on hands-on education, with a large array of firearms in the class each week.  We have found this makes each class exciting, yet highly educational for each student.

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About Us


MN DNR Firearms and Hunter Safety Instructors

As certified instructors of the MN DNR firearms and hunter safety program, we provide an exciting and fun, hands-on classroom experience that will be remembered for a lifetime by each student.

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Classes Located at the Chaska VFW Post 1791 and Minnetonka Sportsmen, In.

Our class is a hands on class. We have firearms at every table during every class.  In addition, we will be engaging the entire class in activities such as gun carries, shooting positions, and zones of fire where each student is carrying a firearms.

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Range Day


Held at the Minnetonka Sportsmen Club

The Range and Field Test is the most anticipated activity of all students and as instructors, we strive to make the opportunity safe, fun and memorable.

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