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The Joy of Shooting

Way too often, the general population forgets that firearms are well suited for things other than being weapons.  Simply put, firearms can be used for recreational enjoyment and for building camaraderie.  Over this past Labor Day weekend, I was fortunate enough to join a group of people for an afternoon at the local range that…
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The Old ‘94

The reputation of my old Model ‘94 Winchester 30-30 lever action lives on.  Over the years in which I have used the old ’94 for deer hunting, it’s reputation as being a point and shoot rifle has been well established and this last season the old ’94 once again proved it has mystical powers of…
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The Safety

The safety on any firearm is an important device, not just a push button near the trigger.  It is a mechanical device intended to prevent the unintentional discharge of ammunition intentionally placed in the firearm’s chamber.  This does not mean that a safety’s purpose is guaranteed, so you should never rely on a safety to…
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Which Way to Hunt?

Deer hunting is a traditional sport.  As a deer hunter you follow many “traditions” some of which may surprise you.  Take for example the eve before season starts at a hunting camp.  (Hunting camp is a general term for where two or more hunters eat meals, sleep, and commune.)  Ask anyone who has ever been to a hunting…
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