Welcome to the Class

We have many things planned for the class and a lot of information will flow through our website.  With this in mind, you should bookmark as a favorite.  Homework will always be posted on the front page of this site, normally on the Friday following a class, for the upcoming class.  Information about the range day test will also be posted, including a general map of the location.

Our class is a hands on class.  We have firearms at every table during every class.  In addition, we will be engaging the entire class in activities such as gun carries, shooting positions, and zones of fire where each student is carrying a firearms.  This means you don’t stay in your seat the entire class time!

Take a look around the website (if you are reading this, that means you are at the website).  There are a variety of short blogs that relate to things that will be discussed in class, or are somehow related to our class.  Sometimes, the blogs have strong hints to information you will need to pass the written test, but regardless, the blog content is definitely related to the class.

Please see Range Day tab for location of Minnetonka Sportsmen Club

Classroom Structure

At both the Chaska VFW and the Minnetonka Sportsmen Clubhouse, class sizes are limited, so that we can provide a safe, yet fun class for the students.  Class time consists of interactive instruction, group discussions and hands on practice.

From the beginning of our classes, we decided that teaching firearms safety could not be successful without actual hands on practice, with real firearms.  Even during the instruction periods, each table has two or more firearms available for the students to examine.  Working with the firearms, students will handle many different styles and be able determine if a firearm is unloaded, easily locate the various parts of the firearms, learn to properly handle and transfer a firearm,  know how to find the manufacturer, make and model of a firearm and much more. Every student, using real firearms, will also learn the benefits of several shooting positions, the various ways to carry a firearm safely, and the mechanics of sighting in a firearm to aim accurately.




Each student will receive a Student Handbook when registration is complete.  Our course follows the Student Handbook and assignments will be given to read and complete workpages related to the topics that will be discussed.  During the time classes are being held, a listing of the homework assignments will be available on the front page of the website.

At the beginning of each class, work page homework will be checked and discussed.  Completion of all homework is a requirement of passing the class.

Minnesota Hunting and Trapping Regulations

Downloads:  MN Hunting and Trapping Regulations - Waterfowl SupplementDeer Season Map

Class Times

Classes begin at 6:30 p.m. and run until 9:15 p.m.   Tardiness is not acceptable, which means a student is expected to be at class and seated by 6:30.  If a student is going to be late, it is up to the student to discuss the reason with an instructor, in advance of the class. (In advance means before 3:00 p.m. on class day, except for the unexpected.)


Simply put, attendance at all classes is required.  We recognize that sometimes, the unexpected occurs and a student may need to miss a class, but any anticipated absence must first be discussed with the instructors.  If a permitted absence is granted, the student will be required to make up the class time in a way determined by the instructor.  All homework will be posted on this site, so not having the homework done for the following class will not be excused.  An example of a non-excusable reason to miss a class is a conflict with a non-required school/sports activity.


Quizzes.  Throughout the classes, numerous quizzes will be given to review the classroom materials covered earlier.  The style of quizzes will vary from classroom discussions to written.  Quizzes allow the instructors to determine what students are learning, as well as providing a  valuable guide to assessing the teaching methods for the instructors.

Final Test.  A student must receive a score of 75 or higher to pass the final written test.  Instructors read each test question to the students and provide adequate time to answer the questions.  The final written test is taken and graded on the same night, so each student will know their personal results quickly.

Range Day Test.  The range day is a test of the students’ ability to properly and safely use the handling and shooting techniques that have been taught in the classroom.  This is a pass/fail test based upon a zero tolerance for unsafe actions. In addition to the requirements set out by the Minnesota DNR for the range test, we offer the opportunity for the students to shoot shotguns and large bore rifles.  Students are not graded on their shooting skills, but must maintain safe handling of the firearms as well as acceptable behavior at these stations.


Be on time

Class starts at 6:30 and the doors lock at 6:30.

Complete your homework on time

While it may seem like the homework assignment for a given class is overbearing, really it isn’t, so make sure you get it done for the next class.

Three strikes and you’re out

No, we’re not playing baseball.  You get strikes for being late to class, not completing homework, unruly behavior or anything disrespectful.  If a student gets three checks, that student fails the class.

No food in class

If you are running late and want to bring in food, bring enough for the entire class.  (A value meal from McDonalds will not feed the entire class.)

Water and soda are allowed in the class room

It is strongly suggested that containers that have a cap that can be used (bottle instead of can), to reduce any possibility of spills.

Absolutely no live ammunition allowed in class

As mentioned, we have a lot of firearms in the classroom and we can’t have a student bring in live ammunition.  Even the instructors must follow this rule. An exception to the "Three Strikes Rule," any student that brings any live ammunition into class will be failed immediately.  Safety is always a concern.