Donations & Sponsors

Why do we continue to teach the firearms safety classes?

It definitely is not for money.  All MN DNR firearms safety instructors are VOLUNTEERS.  That’s right; we receive absolutely no compensation for being instructors; well at least not the typical type of compensation, i.e., money or items of value.  And it doesn’t stop with just us; from a recent newsletter for instructors, it was reported that the DNR recognized around 100 volunteer firearms safety instructors for twenty or more years of service and roughly 400 volunteers for between 5 and 19 years of service.  There are about 1,600 active firearms safety instructors in the state, so that means roughly 33% of the active instructors have five or more years of experience.  And remember, each and every one of us is a volunteer!

So what is the compensation we receive?

This is almost like a trick question since just above it’s mentioned earlier we are volunteers.  Maybe ‘no items of value,’ should have maybe clarified to mean ‘no tangible items of value.’  It is really hard to express the reward each of us receives as the class winds down and we discuss the individual results of the tests with each student.  It almost is like each student becomes “our kid” during the course and being able to congratulate them at the end results in a realization that all of us, as instructors, have made a difference in the students’ lives.  Recognition from parents, like the following, let's us know we are doing thing correctly, "Great work with the FAS class! Every single Thursday evening after class the girls are stoked and excited.  I don't know what you are doing, but keep it up.  It's empowering!!!"  What we have done is a life lasting education and memory for each and every one of the students.  It’s a feeling not only of accomplishment, but also of pride, as well as carrying with us the knowledge that the shooting/hunting community will remain a safe environment.

The success of our students is our primary objective.

As volunteer instructors, we would greatly appreciate any financial assistance from corporations, associations, businesses, individuals and student, so that we can achieve this goal.  We have established a teaching process that provides an exciting and fun classroom setting and an extraordinary Range Day experience for the comprehensive education of firearm and hunter safety of our students.  We have recognized that the success of our students depends on the entire process being forever memorable to them.

We need your help to build the future.

Any donation will help us to continue enhancing our program, so that we have future generations of safe, ethical and responsible sportsmen/women who will continue to respect and protect the wildlife and habitat through proper wildlife management practices, as well as maintaining their individual right to own and use firearms.

Why do we need donations?

The program administered by the MN DNR is unique in that it relies solely upon volunteer instructors and provides no actual financial assistance to instructors for the purchase of necessary equipment or supplies.  Everything required to provide classroom instruction is purchased by the instructors, and although part of the registration fee is allocated for classroom materials, the amount available is wholly inadequate.  To effectively present the class material in the exciting, hands on forum we have designed, many “big ticket” items remain out of reach because of financial limitations.  Your donations will help us to purchase these items so that your children and future students will continue to receive the best and highly memorable education of firearms safety in our class.

Please contact us to provide your donations!

To donate to our program, send us an e-mail to; we will contact you promptly. Again, thank you in advance for your support of our FAS program.


Big Game Sponsors
Chaska VFW

Each year, the Chaska VFW Post 1791 has been kind enough to provide a large portion of the meeting room in their building at 620 Creek Road, Chaska, MN, at no cost, so that we can provide a safe, yet fun class for the students.  The Chaska VFW is available for weddings, banquets and gatherings of all sizes and has a completely updated kitchen available.

Minnetonka Sportsmen, Inc.

Without charge, Minnetonka Sportsmen, Inc. has made its rifle, pistol and shotgun ranges at its facilities two miles west of Mound, MN available to our FAS program for Range Day activities, as well as numerous other FAS classes in the surrounding area.  Additionally, we are able to use the Minnetonka Sportsmen "clubhouse on the hill," at no charge, for the classroom setting of the Mound class.

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever located in Victoria, MN has, over the years, contributed valuable products, guidance and assistance to ensure the success of our FAS program.  Stop in and shop for all your hunting and fishing needs and make sure to say hello to Jeff.  Or visit online at:

Gun Permit Center

The professionals at Gun Permit Center believe that every law abiding and able citizen should carry a handgun and it offers the very best in training, by providing economical, lawful, and comprehensive courses in a professional manner, while providing the highest level of service possible.  One or more Instructors have taken this training and highly recommend it for others.  Visit Gun Permit Center at

Ugly Dog Hunting

If you are looking for quality hunting products at reasonable prices, Ugly Dog Hunting is the website to check out first.  Tank, Rudder and Scratch, along with the spirit of Scrub (original CEO and Founder), insisted on having the website developed in a doggone perfect fashion.  The website has fantastic products for dogs on the hunt, gadgets and necessities for the hunt, and excellent hunting clothes for people (that includes a sensational logo at no cost).  They have a variety of shipping choices, including, “Yesterday Air,” so you can “receive your order before you even place it.”  Visit this site for great products and an entertaining web layout!  Also, be sure to send a photo of your “ugly dog” for a chance to win the annual photo contest.

Upland Game Sponsors
The O'Gorman Family

This photo is of a Founders Bullet Display Board from 1979, in mint condition, donated by the O'Gorman family of Victoria.  This precious piece of art will be used as a teaching aid during the ammunition portion of the classroom, so students can better understand the variance in bullet sizes.  We wish the family best of luck in all their hunting endeavors.

The Britt Anderson Family

Britt attended the Chaska class in 2019, and her family made a cash donation to our team, to be used for teaching supplies and extra ammunition for range testing.  After learning more about firearms, Britt has expressed an interest in joining her school’s trap league. We wish her well!

Tonka Plumbing

Tonka Plumbing located in Mound, MN made a cash donation which allowed our team to finally purchase a left handed 20 gauge shotgun for use on Range Day.  Stop in Tonka Plumbing and let Scott help you with all your plumbing needs.

The Cassidy Family

Son and mom took the class together at Chaska in 2019.  They surprised us with a donation of the last .22 rifle we have needed for the Range Test.  They also supplied the entire class with delicious cupcakes to celebrate the son's 12th birthday, that occurred during the class time.

Marc Sanders Family

The Sanders family donated multiple pairs of safety glasses and hundreds of ear plugs.  These items will be used during the Range Day test by students to ensure that each student has proper eye and ear protection.

John Livers Family

The Livers family graciously donated a Remington 870 Youth 20 gauge pump action shotgun to our program which is used every year during the Range Test.

SD Society

A consortium of parents who had students in the Chaska 2017 class enthusiastically donated two Savage Mark II, Left-handed .22 caliber rifles to our program.  These rifles will be found at the .22 range testing during the Range Test.

The Davis and Kerber Families

The Davis and Kerber families kindly donated a Savage Mark II .22 caliber rifle which will be used annually during the Range Test.

Small Game Sponsors

Students and parents of previous FAS classes.