The Range and Field Test


The Range and Field Test is the most anticipated activity for all students, and as instructors, we strive to make the opportunity safe, fun and memorable.  A general list of expectations for the Range Day test is shown in the Student Workbook, which are the mandatory testing requirements.  In addition to the required activities, we also provide students the opportunity to do some shooting on the shotgun range and also fire a variety of large bore rifles and a blackpowder rifle on the rifle range.  While the shotgun shooting and big bore rifle shooting are not requirements of the Range Test, we encourage every student to participate in these activities.

The Range Day test will be the opportunity for each student to display the safe and responsible handling of firearms that has been taught and practiced in the classroom setting.  The class is broke down into groups that rotate around the various stations the instructors have prepared.

Bringing Firearms

Instructors will ensure adequate firearms are available and a student has no obligation to bring firearms to the Range Day.  You are allowed to bring your own firearms to the Range Day, however a student is required to follow the rules set out by the instructors;

  1. Only 20 gauge shotguns will be allowed on the shotgun range.  Big bore rifles are welcome, but inquire about the need to bring your own ammunition.  Only .22 rifles, without scopes, can be used on the .22 range for testing.
  2. Do not remove the firearm from the vehicle until an instructor is available.  The student will need to show the instructor the firearm is properly cased and unloaded.  (Minnesota law now allows the transportation of an uncased firearm in certain situations; we do not intend to challenge this law, however, it is our policy that all firearms must be properly cased.)
  3. Unless prior arrangements have been made (meaning before the Range Day event; not earlier on the Range Day), a student is not to bring ammunition (see #1 above).
  4. The student is responsible for placing the firearm at the correct shooting range, ensuring it remains at the correct range, and removing it from the range after approval has been given by an instructor/Range-master.



Range Rules

Zero Tolerance

As will be discussed in the classroom, any violation of the principles of safe and responsible handling of firearms by a student results in an automatic fail in the class.

Range Commands

Students are required to follow the commands of the Range-masters at all times.  Range-masters are the instructors in charge of the three shooting ranges and specific commands will be discussed in the classroom and by the Range-master at each station.


Each student is required to attend Range Day.  This is the actual hands-on test of the course and is only provided on the scheduled day.

Dress Code

Each student will be participating in field and range activities that require proper attire.  Dress appropriately for the weather and the activities; long pants, shoes/boots (tennis shoes are acceptable; sandals are not), and a hat that is preferably blaze orange are suggested.  Each student should bring a beverage, snack, mosquito repellent, and sunscreen if the student (or parent) believes these items are needed.  There is no water or food provided by the instructors.

Proper Eye and Ear Protection

Safety glasses are provided at each range.  Ear plugs are handed out at the start of the activities.  If you have your own eye and/or ear protection, you may use it.